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Welcome to Experience Annapolis Blog!

The goal of is to connect our amazing locals with visitors to enhance their travels with a memorable personal experience.

Running on the same track, the goal of the Experience Annapolis Blog is to share Annapolis County from a variety of angles…and hopefully inspire you to come and see it for yourself!

We might even uncover some surprises for the locals!  Feel free to make a suggestion if there is a part of our region that you think we should explore!

Annapolis Royal Haul-Up View

Once again we are headed up!  Take a look around from the top of Lady Cavell at the Annapolis Royal Haul-Up. Note:  If you double click the image it should fill your screen.  Highly recommended!

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Lobster Fishing in the Annapolis Basin!

Tonight I'd like to take you lobster fishing!  Thanks to Jonathan Taylor and his crew for taking me out from Victoria Beach.  I've included a few labels with descriptions but I would be happy for any corrections or additions!  This was a challenging shot...lobster...

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Annapolis Royal From Above.

For the first edition, take a look at Annapolis Royal from the highest vantage point in town, the very top of St. Luke’s Anglican Church!  Notice that the town is almost completely surrounded by water!  (360 Image created Sept 29, 2017) Note:  If you double click the...

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